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Sri Lankan Food Recipes

Sri Lankan Food






Food & Restaurants

  1. Walauwa Restaurant - serves traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, cakes and pastries, and full-service bar. Also provides themed nights with special bands, DJ music, and dancing.
  2. Deli Market
  3. Kinjou - offers Chinese cuisine. Also provides air-conditioned rooms and cottages at Safari Village Hotels.
  4. Chandrage Sri Lankan Recipes - offers recipes and directory of Sri Lankan restaurants worldwide.
  5. Kosher Sri Lanka Recipes
  6. Malini's Kitchen - add your favourite Sri Lankan recipe.
  7. Recipes from Sri Lanka
  8. Sri Lankan Recipes
  9. Lanka Food - food items on sale, food by category, tea, recipes and flowers
  10. Sri Lankan Recipes and photos - One step gateway to Sri Lanka. No more search. You can find Sri Lankan recipes and photos. 
  11. srilankacurry.com  The authentic Sri Lankan food ingredients store Convenience - Great
    prices - Fast delivery
  12. Health Beverages,Tea ,Herbal Products - slimming tea, Aphrodisiac Tea, Natural Spice Tea, Herbal Tea, Herbal Soups
  13. Athula Caterers (Pvt) Ltd. - Official web site of Athula Caterers (Pvt) Ltd.




























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iChef.com Free Recipes - Misc Recipes: Sri Lankan Chicken Curry 
Thousands of great free recipes and cooking information. Search by keyword & ingredient. Add recipes. Create cookbooks and recipe web sites. ... Sri Lankan Chicken Curry. Click category for more recipes: Misc Recipes ... Add salt, tomatoes, curry powder, cayenne pepper, turmeric, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon stick, vinegar, and ... ichef-recipes/ Poultry recipes/condiments/ sri-lankan-curry-powder

... SRI LANKAN CHICKEN CURRY. INGREDIENTS: ... sri_lankan_chicken_curry

Recipes from Sri Lanka 
Recipes from Sri Lanka. Curry Powder. Coconut Milk. Stores & Prices. Roasted Curry Powder. Recipes. Introduction. From ancient times other cultures have been in contact with Sri Lanka to obtain the spices that grow there. ... Green Banana curry. Beef Curry. Noodles (Sri Lankan Style) ...

srilanka/ food/recipes

World Hearth Recipe Collection 
Collection of 4000 recipes from all over the world. Great international and ethnic cuisine. ... Browse by Category Browse Alphabetically Books Links FAQ. Sri Lankan ... and Spice by Heather Jansz Balasuriya. Sri Lankan Vegetable Curry by Fire and Spice by Heather Jansz Balasuriya ...
Bawarchi: Contributions: Sri Lankan Eggplant Curry 
My name is Latha. I am an avid cook and frequently visit bawarchi site for new ideas. I would like to share a recipe for making mouthwatering eggplant curry (Sri Lankan style). It's an absolute favourite of my husband. ... 1/2 tsp Sri Lankan Curry Powder (substitute reg. curry powder) ...
Sri Lankan Recipies 
Recipies,Cooking Instruction and Spices from Sri Lanka and India in New York ... their culinary practices as well. Sri Lankan cooking has evolved by combining culinary ... Sri Lankans use two different curry powders. One is referred to as plain curry powder and ... 
Sri Lankan Coconut Lamb Curry 
... Sri Lankan Coconut Lamb Curry. 750g ... lamb cubes, flour, lamb stock, grated coconut, coconut cream, curry powder, salt and pepper and simmer gently over low ...  lambcurry
Sri Lankan Food And Drinks 
FOOD AND DRINK. Sri Lanka is blessed with fertile soil, rich seas and a tropical climate in which delicious fruit, fresh vegetables and flavor some spices grow abundantly. ... the spiciest of all Sri Lankan side dishes is sninbol, ... in all Sri Lankan curries, which are generally lighter and less rich than the curry dishes of northern ...Sri_Lankan_Food_And_Drinks
Other Attractions - Sri Lankan Cuisine 
Rice and Curry - boiled rice with curried vegetable, fish and/or meat laced with Sri Lankan spices is the typical Sri Lankan main meal, a gourmet's delight ... Rice and Curry - boiled rice with curried vegetable, fish and/or meat laced with Sri Lankan spices is the typical Sri Lankan main meal, a gourmet's ...
Sri Lankan Spice Evenings 
... Sample our home cooked Sri Lankan food spiced with our hand roasted and blended spices ... Mus Kari (Sri Lankan Lamb or Beef Curry) Thora Malu Istuwai (Fish Stew with ... srilankan spice
Sri Lankan Recipes (from America) 
... Sri Lankan curry powder is a blend made from several spices separately dark roasted and then ground together ... 1:1 ratio of Sri Lankan curry powder (that I mix myself ...
A Sri Lankan Cookbook 
... "Sri Lankan Tamil cooking is oriented around meat and fish; vegetable dishes are primarily meant to accompany a central ... Spices and Ingredients. Sri Lankan Curry Powder ...
Allyson Gofton - eCook - Recipes - Sri-Lankan Curry Powder 
... Sri-Lankan Curry Powder (Serves: Makes 4 Tablespoons.) ... wonderful collection of spice recipes from around the world. Sri-Lankan curries are sweeter from the mix of ingredients. ... recipes
Sri Lankan/Indian Recipes 
Sri Lankan and Indian recipes which are dairy product free - appetisers, rice dishes, fish curries, meat curries, vegetable curries and desserts ... Kutul Mas Curry (a Sri Lankan chicken curry) Kukul Mas Baduma (a Sri Lankan chicken curry) ...
How to order 
... Ala Sudhata (Sri Lankan Potato Curry) 2.50 ... Kukul Mus Kari (Sri Lankan Chicken Curry)Here are a selection of Sri Lankan Recipies which I hope you will enjoy! KAHABATH (COCONUT MILK RICE) Literally translated to mean "yellow rice", this Sri Lankan rice speciality is cooked in coconut milk. ... is my version of a traditional Sri Lankan bean curry. If you cannot get hold ...
Sri Lankan recipes 
One step getway to sri lanka. you can find all your needs. no more search ... Lanka Food. Sri Lankan Restaurant Guide - Overseas. Sri Lankan curry(shop) Sri Lankan Tea. Sri lankan ...
Sri Lankan recipes,photos 
One step getway to sri lanka. you can find all your needs. no more search ... Kitchen. Sri Lankan Restaurant Guide - Overseas. Sri Lankan curry(shop) Sri Lankan Tea ...
Mudgeeraba Spices & Curry Blends - Pickles 
... (Med) Sri-Lankan Chicken Curry Blend. (Mild) Sri-Lankan Beef Curry Blend. (Med) Sri-Lankan Mutton Curry ...

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