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Society & Culture

Social & Cultural 

  1. Buddhist Cultural Centre - core of Buddhism, meditation, English books and more
  2. Culture and History - brief history of Sri Lanka, picture index, travel journal and links
  3. France Sri Lanka Cultural Exchanges - events, culture, focus, photography, poetry, meditation, heritage and gallery
  4. Friends of Sri Lanka in the US
  5. Human Rights in Sri Lanka - news, reports and links on the human rights situation in south Asia.
  6. Human Rights Watch: Sri Lanka - with press releases, reports, maps, and more.
  7. Living Heritage Trust of Sri Lanka - the living heritage trust, the traditional village or puranagama, heritage reserves etc
  8. Margamithuro - non-government voluntary organisation dedicated to improving road safety and discipline in Sri Lanka.
  9. Mannar.Com - Information web site
  10. National Peace Council of Sri Lanka - dedicated to supporting a negotiated solution to the ongoing war in Sri Lanka.
  11. Outdoor 4X4.com - offers an insight to offloading culture in Sri Lanka.
  12. Peace Brigades International - offers international unarmed protective accompaniment to Sri Lankan human rights activists, refugees, and communities threatened with violence.
  13. Resettlement & Rehabilitation Authority of the North (RRAN) - facilitates and assist in resettlement and rehabilitation programmes in the five districts of the northern
  14. Sinhala Folklore (Gami Katakatha ) - customs, traditions, literature and arts
  15. Sinhala Tamil New Year - information about the holiday.
  16. Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (SPUR) - current affairs, news, views and campaigns for Peace and Unity in Sri Lanka.
  17. Sri Lanka Society of Queensland
  18. Sri Lanka Amnesty International:  - providing annual reports and news releases.
  19. Tamil Calendar, The - features the Tamil seven-day week, twelve-month year, and sixty-year cycles.
  20. Tamil New Year Page - information on the holiday.
  21. United Lanka Forum - nonprofit organisation fostering peace
  22. Varushapirappu - contains an account of New Year celebrations.
  23. Vedda - Sri Lanka's indigenous inhabitants, their history, culture identity, ILO studies, sociological issues, sanctuary, articles and links
  24. Virtual library - Sri Lankan culture, customs, rituals and traditions

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  1. Aradana - Aradana Sri Lanka - Canada Community Web Site
  2. Association of Sri Lankans at University of Arizona (ASLUA) - Includes officers, galleries, activities and links.Enhance edutcation, internet accessibility to students and provide information about Sri Lanka to the world.
  3. Bibliomania Educational Books for the Nation Foundation - not-for-profit educational and book charity contributing to the development of literacy to the rural areas of Sri Lanka.
  4. Canada Srilanka Cultural Events - Cultural events in canada 
  5. Colombo Taprobane Round Table - seeks to develop the fellowship of young men through the medium of business and professional occupations and community service activities.
  6. De Fonseka Homesite - Genealogy and History of the De Fonseka families and of the Karava Caste
  7. Friends of Sri Lanka in the U.S. - Contains a list of activities, news, and articles.
  8. Interact Club of Isipathana College - student community service organisation.
  9. Lanka Academic Network (LacNet) - with a mission to enhance edutcation increasing internet accessibility to its students and provide information about Sri Lanka to the world.
  10. Lankatown.com - The web community for Sri Lankans in North America
  11. Lions of Sri Lanka
  12. Living Heritage Trust of Sri Lanka - The home page of the Kataragama Devotees Trust of Sri Lanka: its objectives and activities including Kataragama ashram, Zone of Peace and related activities of the Living Heritage Trust.
  13. Maris Stella (OBA) Australia Inc. (MSCOBAA) - Alumni of Maris Stella College Negombo- Australia branch. An influential community in Melbourne, addressing and responding the needs of Sri Lankan Community in Australia and Sri Lanka.
  14. Ozlanka.com - Sri Lankan Community in Australia: News & Information
  15. Peace Brigades International of Sri Lanka - Organization offered unarmed protective accompaniment to human rights activists and refugees in Sri Lanka threatened with violence.
  16. Public Service National Store Keepers Union - With mission and notice board.
  17. Rotaract Club Of Colombo Regent - engaging in medical and educational projects and other endeavours.
  18. Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement in Sri Lanka - Cooperation with the Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development (NFSD) on social projects.
  19. Sinhala Language Page - The gateway to Sinhala (Sinhalese) language, culture and linguistics
  20. Sinhala Veera Vidhana - Formed to unite the Sinhalese people in the struggle to save their nation.
  21. Sinhalese Cultural Forum of NSW, Australia - Sinhalese Australians living in New South Wales, formed this association in 1991, they continue to preserve and promote Sinhalese culture in a multicultural society.
  22. SPUR - Society for peace, unity and human rights for Sri Lanka.
  23. Sydney Sri Lankan Web Portal - The web portal of the dynamic Sydney Sri Lankan community
  24. Young Sri Lankans Association - USA - Features a picture gallery, and lists the current activities of the association.

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  1. Ceylon-Online Dictionary - Includes news, weather, exchange rates, information, and a Sinhala-English dictionary.
  2. Let's Speak Sinhala - online lesson and pronunciation guide to Sinhala language.
  3. Native Language Research Center - dedicated to the research and development of Sinhala and Tamil native languages for information technology.
  4. Pandyan Manual of Spoken Tamil - latinized pronunciation guide.
  5. Sinhala Email service - Kaputa.com Sinhala email service.
  6. Sinhala Language - explains the background and the characteristics of the Sinhalese language.
  7. Sinhala Language Page - A site devoted to the Sinhala (Sinhalese) language, culture and linguistics
  8. Sinhalese Language - introduces the origin, people, and basic words in Sinhalese.
  9. Sri Lanka: Languages, Literature, Books & Book Reviews - offers a collection of articles about the origin and evolution of Sinhala.
  10. Tamil Electronic Library
  11. Tamil.net - meeting and discussion location for the Tamil language and culture, in Tamil script.
  12. Tamilclass.com - Tamil lessons in PDF format.
  13. Teachionary: Tamil Word Sets - vocabulary trainer with audio buttons.
  14. Thamil Paadanool - online Tamil textbook written for English-speaking children in middle school and older.
  15. Ukindia: Learn to Read Tamil
  16. Usenet - soc.culture.tamil


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