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  • AltaVista Email - "Combine the different ways you use email into one powerful package! Read email on the web, forward messages anywhere, read email through your favorite email program - you can do it all! Plus you get to choose your own unique email address at mail.com, doctor.com, engineer.com or any one of our 300 quality email names. Wherever you go, anywhere in the world, you can be reached at your Mail.com email address."
  • ApexMail - "ApexMail offers a well-rounded package, including auto-responders, forwarding, POP retrieval, advanced address book/contact management and color schemes. There's also an E-mail addresses search engine, message filtering and more. ApexMail is also compatible with international languages. They also offer you the ability to embed HTML into your E-mail, as well as a reminder service. Besides English, there's also a French version of the service. ApexMail offers a spell checking feature, as well as virus scanning for your attachments."
  • BigFoot - "Service with a free, lifetime, E-mail address; customized E-mail delivery; E-mail control and functionality and a way to "Just Say No!" to junk E-mail. Bigfoot has recently begun offering new features such as free autoresponders (E-mails that are automatically sent to your visitors in your absense) and reminder services, to remind you of birthdays, appointments, etc."
  • Crosswinds - "Free E-mail account. 'Real' and forwarded E-mail supported."
  • Daily Web Planner - "Unlike other e-mail services, DWP.NET not only has a strict anti-spamming policy, but this service has built-in technology to prevent DWP.NET users from spamming."
  • eThailand.com - "Thailand's premier Free executive email sevice available 24 hours a day worldwide."
  • Everything E-Mail - "Info on Email addresses, Email software, Email services, and more."
  • Fiberia Free Email - "FIBERIA offers FREE internet services: Web space - 11 MB, complete with cgi forms and counters E-mail accounts - with address book, signature and folders, calendars, chat and other free services!"
  • gURLmAIL - "gURLmAIL is a free web-based e-mail. With gURLmAIL, you can easily access your e-mail from any computer in the world. Sending and receiving e-mail from gURLmAIL is as easy as going to www.gurlmail.com, logging in, and sending an e-mail. All you need to do is Register and Login."
  • Hotmail - "Free email service offers mail filtering that allows you to direct mail into folders and gives you the ability to check up to four POP accounts at once. They also feature a spell checker and a signature option, as well as the ability to customize the layout. You can add up to 20 recipients per message, as well as send attachments."
  • HotPOP - "HotPOP offers free POP3 mail, E-mail forwarding, and can handle attachments of up to 500 kilobytes in size."
  • iName Email - "Your home on the Internet. Wherever you go, anywhere in the world, you can be reached at your Mail.com email address."
  • Infinite MailandNews.com
  • Juno - "Juno offers free E-mail service to anyone in the United States and Puerto Rico with access to a computer and a modem. Unlike the other free E-mail services we list here, with Juno, you don't even need access to the Web. To take advantage of the free (ad supported) service, members must install on their computers Juno's proprietary software package."
  • Mail2World - "Free E-mail with E-mail Translation."
  • Mail City - "Free E-mail service that offers you four megabytes of space. Features easy user interface, folders to organize your mail, MIME file attachments, a good address book and an interesting auto-response feature to deliver replies when you're on vacation."
  • MailStart.Com - "Free email service allows you to use your browser to read your E-mail, reply, forward, delete and send new messages, making your E-mail accessible from anywhere. There's no need to obtain a different E-mail address or to have your mail forwarded; this system is a gateway that actually contacts your mail server and converts the content to HTML allowing easy access to your regular E-mail."
  • MauiMail - "Free Web-based POP3 E-mail that includes an address book and signature editor."
  • My Own Email - "Email with personality."
  • NetAddress - "Free email service offers five megabyte limit on space and features mail forwarding and multiple sigs. You can also exchange your address info here with other applications. If you do not want to read your E-mail through the Web, you can use your favorite POP mail client (such as Pegasus or Eudora, etc.) to retrieve your stored mail"
  • Netscape WebMail - "With WebMail, you can have an email address that is all your own for personal emails that you can access at home, at work or on vacation. Your email is private - only you can access it with your password. And, your WebMail account stays with you, even if you move, change jobs or go on vacation."
  • Nettaxi - "Free email for life! Easy Access from any web browser in the world!"
  • Onebox.com - "Free voicemail, email and fax, all in one place! "
  • Panda Mail - "A free service that allows you to check on and write E-mail, using your existing POP3 E-mail account. (This way, you don't need to obtain or configure programs such as Outlook or Netscape Composer). This is a handy service is you're on the road a lot, or if you're on vacation or at a friend's house."
  • Postmark.net - "With Postmark.net, you can send and receive messages with attachments, (and HTML attachments are displayed in-line). Features include spell checking, message filtering and an address book. Each account has a five-megabyte limit and outgoing attachments have a one-megabyte limit."
  • Postmaster - "The world's premier free web based email service."
  • Return Receipt Email - "Send email 'ReturnReceipt Requested' and a Delivery Receipt PostMarked with the precise time your message was read is emailed to you!"
  • Spacemail - "Using this service, you can receive and respond to mail sent to your Spacemail.com e-mail address."
  • Switchboard - "Take advantage of free email for life. With Switchboard's comprehensive set of email options, you can customize your email to fit your needs."
  • TheFreeSite.com - "Free email service gives you six megabytes of space for your messages and attachments. There's a handy filtering feature to let you sort your mail into different folders and block spam, and the service can be configured to allow you to read your POP mail, as well."
  • USA.net - "Personal, free email from wherever the Web is. There's no trick to getting personal email that gives you exactly what you're looking for.  You'll have access to your email anytime you're on the Internet. Have just one email address for the rest of your life. And have it for free!"
  • Yahoo Mail - "Free email service that allows you to access your personal E-mail from any Net-connected computer: in offices, homes, libraries, anywhere. This service offers a number of features and lets you organize mail into folders, search & filter your mail, attach files, create an address book, etc. There's also an autoresponder function that'll reply to your messages when you're away on vacation."


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