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  • Advice with Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee - Free advice on family, relationships, etiquette and medication.
  • Allexperts.com - covers a variety of topics including music, sports, health, love and romance, and more.
  • Ask A+ Locator - a database of experts on the Internet willing to answer questions. The database can be searched or browsed by subject or alphabetically.
  • Ask Auntie Nolo - A service of Nolo.com, "Auntie Nolo is a plainspoken, mostly patient soul who answers legal questions in language you can understand."
  • Ask an Expert Page - get answers to questions about science, math, movies, the Internet, and more.
  • Ask an Expert Sources - links to experts in K-12 curricular related topics.
  • Ask Jeeves
  • Ask LISA - 'Live Internet Selection Assistance' from TheAdmissionsOffice.com. The person behind the scenes is a college counselor and will be available to answer 'general' college admissions questions that you may have.
  • Ask Madge - Advice column for seniors. Deals with the struggles and joys of aging, and caring for those who are aging.
  • Ask PointAsk - "Get Answers from Real People!"
  • Experts.com - "We are a resource used worldwide by Attorneys, Journalists, Media, Researchers and the world to locate Authors, Consultants, Spokespersons, Subject Matter Experts, and Expert Witnesses."
  • Experts Exchange - "#1 Knowledge Sharing Community on the Web."
  • ExpertWitness.com - Directory of Expert Witnesses.
  • FreeAnswers.com - This site lets you solve computer-related problems simply by asking questions in plain, everyday language to access knowledge bases from leading vendors.
  • iVillage.com - Experts Directory - Dozens of experts willing and able to help out no matter what your concerns on topics covering health, finances, fitness, parenting, cooking and more. Some experts have regularly scheduled times when you can chat with them online.
  • Keen.com - "Your Live Answer Community"
  • Math Central: Quandaries & Queries
  • National Registry of Experts
  • Pitsco's Ask an Expert Page - get answers for questions in science and technology, health, entertainment, business, law, and more.
  • SeniorSite: Ask the Experts - Ask experts on seniors a question in areas such as Long Term Care, Pharmacy, Medical and More.
  • Schools Online Project - Meet scientists in the café, search the library for science resources, or conduct an experiment in the lab.
  • Scientific American: Ask the Expert
  • Teacher2Teacher - an educational question-and-answer service for teachers and parents who have questions about teaching math.

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