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... site highlights the true history of our country recorded factually ... interested in Sri Lanka and its history. This is specially ... to hide the true history from our future generations and ...
HISTORY OF SRILANKA (revised and abridged) 
The serious and boring bits have been taken out and the rest jazzed up!Read about Queen Anula's shenanigans with security guards! ... FAIRYTALE .....SRILANKAN OF COURSE! Gyan Fernando's Revision of The Mahavamsa ... Yassalalaka Tissa was a notable idiot in Srilankan history, and particularly so since he was the King ...
Explore Sri Lanka - The Story of Ceylon Tea 
... land. people. history. buddhism ... perfect cup of Ceylon Tea. History of Ceylon Tea ... More on making that perfect cup. History of Ceylon Tea ...
SriLankan Airlines - New Zealand 
SriLankan Airlines. History. Fleet. Destinations. Email. Ph 09 308.3353. Fx 09 308.3388. SriLankan Airlines is represented in New Zealand by World Aviation Systems


Srilankan and their caste issues 
... How can these people talk on TRUE history of TAMILS while they steal other's history and change them as ... we would much appreciate it if we could follow Srilankan history ...


... Century is still fighting for its freedom.The complete history of Srilankan Tamils is yet to be written ... pains to fill the history of Srilankan Tamils with lots of dust ...
srilankan elections 
... History & Culture: Tamil - Indian Food: Indian - International. Music: Indian Classical - World Music Films: Tamil - Indian - International Other: Miscellaneous. srilankan ... on srilankan political ...
View Member - srilankan 
September 16, 2004 - 05:46AM PDT. Who's using EE? You're in good company. Featured Expert. Viewing Member: srilankan. Search 1M Solutions ... i'am a sri lankan university student. Answer History. (View ...
View Member - srilankan 
August 24, 2004 - 09:28PM PDT. Who's using EE? You're in good company. Featured Expert. Viewing Member: srilankan. Search 987K Solutions ... i'am a sri lankan university student. Answer History. (View ...
Tamil Canadian Services: Tamil Eelam 
TamilCanadian was designed to provide information about the culture and history of the Tamil people from the island of Sri Lanka (Ceylon), specifically in regard to those Tamil's who are currently living abroad in Canada. ... Sub Categories for History. Analysis. Buddhism and Tamil. Colonial History. Sri Lanka - The State Against The Tamils ...
Winne.com - Report on Sri Lanka, The hub of South Asia 
... HISTORY. SriLankan Airlines has travelled a long distance from its small beginnings in 1979 ... SriLankan's progress in its 21-year history has been due to its philosophy of consistently ...
Battle of Punchi Borella 
Contemporary History of Sri Lanka: The Battle of Punchi Borella ... MADPAGE tm...A major source of useless information on Sri Lanka. CONTEMPORARY HISTORY. PUNCHI BORELLA Part1 ... officially commenced at 0100 hrs Srilankan Time (GMT + 5 and a half ...
Sri Lankan Citizen 
SriLankan Current Affairs and News, critical analysis on political issues. Sri Lankan news update and user opinions. Humour and fun are part of the menu. ... Incidently that is what SriLankan also wants to ask ... Anybody who knows a BIT of history will know. ...

srilankan. srilankan

History Page 
Jaffna Central College History. Our Alma Mater came into being and launched out on her journey of intellectual endeavors, spiritual decimation and excellence in sports on August 1816. ... Jaffna Central College History. MILESTONES PAST PRINCIPALS, PREFECTS, & CAPTAINS ... Chemistry, University college of Ceylon & the first Srilankan to be awarded the doctorate of science ...


Airfleets Production lists 
Airline fleets, Census of Airbus and Boeing, Aircraft registration, photos
Abooda - Sri Lanka Tourism- Sinhala, Tamil, Buddhism, Hindu (Colombo, Anuradhapura, Kandy, Galle, Dambulla, ... 
... island of its size, Sri Lanka has a history that is among the best documented in the world ... SriLankan Culture. Sri Lankan culture is a rich blend of the interaction ...
SriLankan Airlines Switzerland 
SriLankan Airlines Switzerland ...

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EelamWeb© - History of Tamil Eelam 
Freedom struggle. History of Tamil Eelam. Historic Documents. Chronology. This day in History. Tamil Eelam History. Contents ... 10, 1974 nine people lost their lives when the Srilankan Sinhalese police at the instigation of Alfred Duraiappha, Mayor ...


Sri Lanka 
... 10000 Years of Toronto History. Annis Family of Scarborough ... came back to Jaffra, a city in the north in 1993, the Srilankan army captured my place in Maviddapuram ...
SouthAsia.Net: Sri Lanka : Tamil Eelam 
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