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Related Links and Information

Native Language Research Center 
dedicated to the research and development of Sinhala and Tamil native languages for information technology.
Category: Indo-Iranian Language Family
Sinahala Word Down Loads 
Sinhala / Tamil Fonts & Software. Download ZONE. When you download the zip file with fonts .. Once you unzip fonts (use winzip) click on
Sinhala fonts 
Sinhala font links, compiled by Luc Devroye. ... Sinhala fonts. Last update: Wed Sep 8 08:20:28 EDT 2004 ... Designers of the Sinhala fonts DL-Anurada (1996), DL-Kidiru (1998), DL-Lihini (1997), DL-MANO (1996 ...
Fonts in Cyberspace - Sinhala 
Fonts in Cyberspace, Language fonts on the Internet ... Sinhala. Sinhala hemawath.zip, kandy.zip, kanika.zip, lnknatha.zip, lankthil.zip, padma.zip
CEYLON-ONLINE : Download sinhala and tamil fonts for free 
The best page about Sri Lanka, Sinhala, Colombo, Tamil, English, Rupee and other Ceylon information ... Sinhala Fonts. aKandyNew. Akbn1.ttf ... Sinhala and Tamil fonts. The fonts you find on this pages are used for displaying sinhala and tamil webpages or documents ...
Sinhala TeX Package 
public domain package of Metafont fonts and a preprocessor suitable for writing Sinhala script using TeX or LaTeX.
Category: Desktop Publishing > TeX
Sinhala Fonts 
Sinhala Fonts. Font. File Name. File Size (KB) Sinhala Font Collection by (12 Font) 718. Hemawathy. 20. Kandy - 2 Typefaces. 125. Kanika.
... SINHALA FONTS. Download Sinhala Fonts Free , ...
... Sinhala. Tamil. Instruction to install fonts ...
Online edition of Daily News - News 
Friday, 13 June 2003. The widest coverage in Sri Lanka. News. Unicode Compatible Sinhala Fonts ... CINTEC decided that a Committee on Unicode Compatible Sinhala Fonts should be formed ... minimum requirements for Unicode compatible Sinhala fonts; define the essential features which ...
Characters and Fonts for Sri Lanka 
Unicode Compatible Fonts for Sinhala. Introduction. One of the major impediments to the development and use. of the Internet in Sri Lanka, especially into rural areas, is the lack of local language content.
Download Sinhala Fonts 
DOWNLOAD This will download SInhala_fonts.exe self extrcting file in to your computer. After you download this file, DOWNLOAD-WINZIP.FILE. Open the 'Sinhala_fonts.exe' file. ... Open the 'Sinhala_fonts.exe' file. If you are using WINDOWS 98/WINDOWS 95 this self extracting file will install the sinhala fonts to your . ...
Sinhala Range: 0D800DFF (PDF) 
Range: 0D800DFF. This file contains an excerpt from the character code tables and list of character names for the Unicode. Standard, last updated for. The Unicode Standard, Version 4.0. ... you are welcome to provide links to these charts. The fonts and font data used in production of these Code Charts may ...
WinSite: Sinhala Fonts 
... Program Name. Sinhala Fonts. Download Now Get this on CD. Description. Sinhala WORD - Sinhala Fonts & Sinhala Editor. Version/File ...
: Downloads >> Fonts & Graphics >> Sinhala Fonts  
A Meeting Place for Sri Lankans ... WindowsMusic - Sinhala / New ReleasesMusic - Sinhala / RemixesBooks ... RemovalFonts & Graphics / FontsFonts & Graphics / Graphics & IconsFonts & Graphics / Sinhala FontsPhpnuke ...
CEYLON-ONLINE : Sinhala Symbols and Fonts 
The best page about Sri Lanka, Sinhala, Colombo, Tamil, English, Rupee and other Ceylon information ... At the moment we are not displaying every single sinhala sign. We add new signs every day so please be patient. Sinhala symbols and fonts ! ...
Sinhala Language 
global resources.
Category: Indo-Iranian Language Family
Process Computer System 
Thrie Bhasha Musuwa Software (Sinhala, Tamil & English) - Process Computer System ... (Sinhala Fonts 10 & Tamil Fonts 10 / Sinhala to English / English to Sinhala Dictionary) Sinhala Type Faces | Tamil ...
Free Sinhala Email and Sinhala Language tools 
... Your e-mail goes out as a jpeg Image, so the recipient won't need Sinhala fonts to read it. This Sinhala email system was written and implemented by the two founders ...
The Sinhala Language Kit for OS X from XenoType Technologies 
Sinhala Language Kit. for OS X. Tired of waiting for Unicode Sinhala support? ... of Unicode documents with the Sinhala Language Kit for OS X ... an intelligent Unicode solution for Sinhala and we think you'll be ...

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