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WELCOME TO HERITAGE OF SRI LANKA. ...Stereo Music Included... By Amodha Kanishka Bandara Abeyaratne. This site is designed to take you through Sri Lanka, my beautiful home country, which is called pearl in the Indian ocean by the whole world. ... Sri Lanka is an exquisite little island, rich in colour ... which smiles on Sri Lanka all through the year..! ...
Port of Colombo 
Welcome to Sri lanka Ports Authority Home page ...
 Sri Lanka  Colombo  B2B  Maritime
Human Rights Watch World Report 2002: Asia: Sri Lanka 
Sri Lanka: Overview of Human Rights Developments in 2001 - (from Human Rights Watch World Report 2002) ... fire's end, the Sri Lanka army launched Operation Agni Khiela ... injuries in eastern Sri Lanka occurred around Batticaloa, Velaichenai, and ... in central and eastern Sri Lanka. In May, two ...
Refugees International 
independent organization providing early warning in crises of mass exodus and serving as an advocate of refugees.
Status, Issues, Policies, and Programs
... SSS. RI. RI. RI. RI. RI ... Health for their valuable insights into adolescent reproductive health issues in Sri. Lanka. They are grateful to Ms ...
RI LANKA: Result of April 2nd Elections: What does it portend? Update 62 
Note no. 218. 04. 04. 2004. SRI LANKA: Result of April 2nd Elections: What does it portend? Update 62. by Dr. S. Chandrasekharan ... update 61) that Sri Lanka is heading towards a fractured ... for autonomy of all the villages in Sri Lanka! ...
Please Note: The attached FY 2003 Results Review and Resource Request ("R4") was assembled and analyzed by the. country or USAID operating unit identified on this cover page. ... USAID/S. RI. L ... From: USAID/Sri Lanka/DIR, Vicki L. Moore. Subject: FY 2003 Results Review and Resource Request (R4)—Sri Lanka ..
As the first part of a two-summer fieldwork project, I spent June-August 2001 in Sri Lanka visiting as many Sufi tomb-shrines and meeting as many Sufi religious leaders as possible.
ReliefWeb: Refugees International launches third mission to Sri Lanka 
... International launches third mission to Sri Lanka. RI Senior Advocate Larry Thompson and Advocacy Associate ... will undertake a three-week assessment mission to Sri Lanka in December ...
Appendix D Sri Lanka country paper (PDF) 
... Appendix D. Sri Lanka country paper. EcoSecurities Ltd ... S. RI. L ...
Etude de cas relative ŕ l'influence de l'évolution de l'environnement (PDF)  
... l'assistance de nombreux habitants du. Sri Lanka. Nous remercions le personnel de Sri Lanka Telecom Ltd, et en ... S. RI. L ...
Case study of the impact of the changing international telecommunications environment on Sri Lanka (PDF) 
... the co-operation and help of many people in Sri Lanka. Our thanks to the staff of Sri Lanka Telecom Ltd, and especially ... S. RI. L ...
Asia: Kina, Japan og Sri Lanka 
Sri Lanka. Kina. Japan. Sri Lanka. Kart. CIA - The World Factbook -- Sri Lanka. The Official Website of the Government of Sri Lanka
SG and RI for Zircons 
Listed are some data for individually tested Zircons ... SG RI Green, Sri Lanka 3.96 1.792-1.796 Greenish brown, Sri Lanka 3.98 1.818 no DL Green, Sri lanka ...
Pre-Colonial Sri Lankan History 
ri Lanka is an island nation located about 35 miles off the southern tip of India. The island is divided into two distinct climatic zones, the Dry Zone and the Wet Zone. ... periodic migrations of people from India to Sri Lanka. The Sinhalese comprise the dominant ...
Institute for International Sport - Alumni 
Modify Your Information. Please click here to see any modifications.
... GENERALNI INFORMACII ZA UNIVERZITETOT VO KOLOMBO, [RI LANKA. Otvoreniot Internacionalen Univerzitet za ... pretsedatel na Demokratskite Socijalisti na [ri Lanka so Broj 196/1 od ...
Internet Sri Lanka 
bussiness and economy page shopping and market place online ... Sri Lanka Online - Internet service Providers. Isp Lanka - Internet Service Providers. Lanka Internet - The Information Super Highway ..
TamilNet: 05.07.98 Amnesty commends sentences, appeals for clemency 
TamilNet is a news and feature service that focuses on providing reliable and accurate information on issues concerning the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. ... go through the formality of asking the Sri Lanka President for clemency because it did not believe in ... He was given 10 years rigorous imprisonment (RI) and 50,000 ...
Roy Ivan Harford 
... England v West Indies. Sri Lanka v South Africa ... South Africa. Sri Lanka. West Indies ...

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