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  1. All Music Guide (AMG) - encyclopedic database of music. Includes artist biographies, album reviews, and fully cross-referenced discographies that allow the user to browse from artist to artist.

  2. Austin Symphony: Online Music Dictionary - a glossary of popular music terms.

  3. Blues Language - offers a dictionary of words and phrases.

  4. Classical Music Dictionary - provides sound files and information on composers.

  5. Dictionary of Music Terms - a list of music terms and their definitions provided by the music department of Contra Costa College in California.

  6. English-to-French Music Dictionary - offers translations of musical terminology.

  7. Music For The Mind - music dictionary.

  8. Musical Heritage Network Instrument Encyclopedia - search for the instrument of your choice or browse through the collection by the Sachs-Hornbostel classification scheme or by geographical origin.

  9. New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians 2nd edition, The - offers subscription service to the complete text, plus a free trial.

  10. New Grove Dictionary of Opera, The - offers subscription service to the full text, plus a free trial.