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  1. Babylonia - English-German dictionary of computing terms.

  2. CNET Glossary - do all your Net-savvy friends laugh at you every time you open your mouth? Netify your vocabulary here.

  3. Comparative CyberLexicon - a compilation of English terminology peculiar to computer culture and technology and its equivalents in Spanish.

  4. Computer Words - defines common terms and concepts for non-technical people.

  5. ComputerUser High Tech Dictionary - searchable glossary of computer and Internet words, acronyms, and abbreviations.

  6. Diccionario de Términos Informáticos - dictionary of computer terms from English to Spanish.

  7. Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Comm. Terms - includes the ability to search online or to order the actual book.

  8. Dictionary of Storage Networking Terminology - comprehensive attempt by the members of the Storage Networking Industry Association to arrive at a common body of terminology for the technologies it represents.

  9. Digital Media Knowledge Base - includes definitions, illustrations, standards, and tutorials.

  10. Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (FOLDOC) - simply enter a computing-related term in the search box and hit enter.

  11. Glossary-Tech.com - acronyms and abbreviations used in the computer industry. Download the complete list in one single file.

  12. Internet and Unix Dictionary

  13. Jargon Scout - an irregular feature that aims to give advance warning of jargon that is just about ready to hatch into the Net's language.

  14. Jones Encyclopedia of Media & Technology Information - features articles on a variety of topics on the history, innovations, milestones, pioneers, and legal trends that shape the world of media, information technology, telecommunications, and broadband.

  15. Ken's Dictionary of Computer Standards - attempt to codify defacto and unwritten computer industry standards.

  16. Quick Guide to Register Jargon - humorous rough guide to jargon used by the biting British source of information technology and computer news and insight. From the Beast of Redmond to stinkpad.

  17. TechDictionary - computer and technology terms, acronyms, chat abbreviations, filename extensions, and emoticons.

  18. TechEncyclopedia - definitions of computer and technology terms and concepts.

  19. Technical Glossary

  20. TECHtionary - offers an on-line animated dictionary of technical terms and words.

  21. TekMom's Technology Buzzwords for Students

  22. U-Geek Glossary Search

  23. Webopedia - resource for information about PCs. Includes links to web pages related to each term.

  24. WhatIS.com - cross-referenced Internet glossary with links to related sites. A word-oriented view of the Web.


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