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Lanka Link ::  Chinese Dictionary & Dictionaries Links

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  1. Web of Chinese Character Dictionaries, A  - allows simultaneous searching of the major Chinese character dictionaries on the web; requires Chinese browser or fonts.

  2. Cari Dictionary Online - translates English to Malay and Chinese or vice versa.

  3. Chinese Character Dictionary - with lookup capabilities in English, Pinyin, Cantonese, or by character paste-in.

  4. Dictionary of Chinese Characters - Mandarin-Cantonese-Hakka-English character dictionary, with several different look-up methods for characters and Romanizations.

  5. English-Chinese Dictionary

  6. English-Chinese Online Dictionary - includes GB, BIG5, and IMAGE output.

  7. Lexiconer Online Dictionary - English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionaries with GB input and output.

  8. SunRain - Chinese-English dictionary with Pin Yin, GB, and Big5 input and output.

  9. Taiwanese Dictionary

  10. Tang Ken-de's On-Line Chinese Dictionary - with notes on translation, and etymology.

  11. Web Directory: Chinese Word Lists and Online Glossaries and Dictionaries - links to Chinese (and some Japanese) online glossaries and searchable dictionaries.

  12. Chinese-Japanese-Korean-English Dictionary Database