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  • Gametown Emulation 
    Sure, today's cutting-edge multimedia games are fun. But there's something special about the classics of yesteryear, like PacMan and Space Invaders. (Perhaps the fact that they're still so addictive). This site specializes in the golden oldies of gaming. Using the emulators linked here, you can play these original arcade titles on your computer, for free. Be sure to read their disclaimer. (For PCs and Macs).
  •  DosGames.com 
    Classic games never die, they just migrate to this fun site, which rates and reviews various blasts from the past. DosGames.com features excellent, well-researched reviews for games in many categories. Although some of the games here are shareware, many are either freeware or public domain titles.
  •  Acid-Play 
    Looking for freeware games? This site is a good place to start. Acid-Play offers direct downloads for a variety of free (and legal) games. The listings here include screen shots, reviews and ratings. Categories include action, puzzle, sports, RPGs, and more.
  •  Free Solitaire 
    (Note: this program is no longer freeware, but a free trial version is available). A cutting-edge collection of eight solitaire games that features large, realistic card graphics. If you're tired of squinting at the tiny cards in other solitaire games, then this game is for you. You can even use any image you'd like as a card back. Games included are Forty Thieves, Free Cell, Indian Patience, Klondike, Montana, Pyramid, Sea Towers and Spider. (For Windows).
  •  Download-Online-Games.com 
    A good place to go if you're bored, this site serves up a quality collection of freeware games, as well as free game demos. This site is refreshingly free of popup ads and you won't find any annoying spyware here. Software is available for Windows, Macs and Linux.
  •  Active-Gaming.com 
    A fun site, Active-Gaming.com serves up a good collection of free games that you can play in your browser. Categories include action, arcade, board & puzzle games, cards, classic titles, and multiplayer games.
  •  Free Games Zone 
    Here's a good freeware games directory that lists and rates games in a variety of categories, including action, adventure, role playing, simulation, sports and strategy.
  •  Free-Games.as 
    This easy-to-navigate site offers a treasure trove of freeware games. It includes reviews, descriptions and screen shots of each game. Categories include action, adventure, card games, kids' games, puzzles, sports, strategy and word games.
  •  Grand Theft Auto 
    The original version of this classic "urban crime game" is now available as a free download from its developer, Rockstar Games. This version of the game has been optimized "for play on the latest and greatest computers." (For Windows).
  •  Virticon Millennium 
    Do you enjoy Tetris style games? Here's an entertaining game in which you aim to line up three blocks of the same kind in various directions. Lots of cool features, including chain reactions, real-time rendered background effects, three difficulty levels and more. (For Windows). Note: this game is no longer freeware, but a free demo is available.
  •  Arkanoid For Win32 
    Remember the classic game, Breakout? Arkanoid is a new freeware version that updates the ball-and-paddle game of yesteryear. Steer your spaceship to destroy the blocks, collecting power-ups to improve your ship as you move through increasing levels of difficulty. This newly released version includes new features, levels and effects and clears up previous glitches. (For Windows).
  •  Winter Scenes Tetris Game 
    Here's a nifty freeware version of the classic Tetris game that features the sounds and sights of winter. If you like the lovely background winter scenes, be sure to also grab the related Animated Winter Scene free screen saver here. (For Windows).