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  1.  Easy-Hits.com 
    This free "exit exchange network" promises to boost traffic on your Web pages by 50 percent. You can also earn additional traffic by referring other Web sites to the network.
  2.  SpinSubmit 
    Looking to promote your Web site? A search engine submission service, SpinSubmit is offering Webmasters a free site evaluation by its team of search engine experts.
  3.  Scrolling Text Ads 
    This unique, free promotion service is similar to a banner exchange, but uses "scrolling text ads" that are smaller and less intrusive than banners. The service offers a 4:3 exchange ratio and is easy to set up on your site.
  4.  AddPro 
    Want more hits to your site? This free service lets you easily submit your site to over 30 search engines for free. There's also a handy Meta tag generator here.
  5.  Top-Keywords.com 
    Here's a free reference tool for Webmasters who're trying to optimize the content and Meta tags on their pages. Top-Keywords.com offers a dynamic list of the top 500 most frequently searched keywords on the Web's search engines. This data is also helpful if you're trying to spot new trends and business opportunities on the Web.
  6.  Link Popularity Checker 
    How popular is your Web site? This handy free tool checks the number of pages linking your site and compares it to various other Web sites, (both popular and obscure). This service queries many major search engines, including Google, AltaVista, MSN, Lycos, AOL and HotBot.
  7.  Recommend-It.Com 
    This service offers a good way for you to build traffic on your Web site. Just sign up and then you may place their link on your Web site. When your visitors click on that link, they can quickly and easily recommend your site to their friends.
  8.  Link-Me Links Exchange Database 
    One of the best ways to promote your site is through reciprocal links. This resource is a good place to start. This site also lists over 500 free-for-alls, which are basically bulletin boards that you can add your site to (and believe it or not, they do pull in traffic).
  9.  Award Sites 
    A great way to build traffic on your site (and boost your morale) is to win awards. David Bancroft's site is by far the best place on the Web to learn about the many award sites out there. Each award site is detailed and described. This is a great starting point for applying for awards