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Lanka Link :: Free Web Site Monitoring Services Providers

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  1. IsMySiteUp.com 
    Worried about downtime on your Web site? An excellent free service, IsMySiteUp.com constantly monitors your Web site and alerts you (via E-mail or pager) if your server encounters downtime. IsMySiteUp.com is easy to use and a snap to set up.
  2.  SiteProbe 
    This handy freeware online tool checks the status of your site hourly, 24 hours a day. It also offers a helpful "second opinion" system to reduce the number of potential false alarms.
  3.  InternetSeer 
    This service monitors your Web site around the clock and alerts you via E-mail if your site encounters downtime and becomes inaccessible. InternetSeer's basic "Standard Service" is free and allows you the monitoring of one URL per hour. (Note: currently, this service won't work with WebTV URLs).
  4.  LinkCounter.com 
    (This service is no longer free). Have you ever wondered how many clicks your site is sending to an affiliate program or linkback partner? This unique service monitors the number of clicks your links are getting. It also monitors internal links so you'll know where your visitors are going.