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  1. TongueWag 
    This nifty free service lets you easily add community and blogging features to your Web site by simply adding a snippet of coding to your pages. This content management system lets you add all sorts of features to your site, including a poll, a search engine, a comments page, etc. TongueWag also lets you easily syndicate your dynamic content onto affiliate sites, as well.
  2.  WebSiteGoodies 
    A handy resource, WebSiteGoodies offers loads of free items for Webmasters. Here, you'll find freebies ranging from guestbooks to promotion tools to link checkers and more.
  3.  FreeRegistration.tk 
    At this site, you can sign up for a free domain, with a .tk extension. This service is handy if your site has a lengthy, cumbersome URL (as is usually the case with many free Web hosters). FreeRegistration.tk also offers E-mail forwarding and traffic stats. Note: you need to have an existing Web site to use this service.
  4.  FreeFind 
    With this helpful free service, you can easily add a local search engine to your Web site, thus making it far more appealing and useful to your visitors. You can add search capabilities to your site, without CGIs or server modifications. Visitors to your site will see a search entry form that looks like part of your site, because it can be customized with your own background and logo.
  5.  FreeTemplateSite.com 
    This useful Webmaster's resource offers quality free Web site templates. Just follow the tutorial here to create your own customized template, (suitable for either personal or business Web sites).
  6.  Template-Empire.com 
    Looking to give your Web pages a makeover? This site offers a good selection of free Web page templates. Here, you'll find HTML templates, Flash templates, Flash intros, and more.
  7.  Best-templates.net 
    A useful resource for Webmasters, this site offers lots of free, ready-to-use site templates that can instantly give your Web pages a high-quality, professional look. Categories here include corporate, E-commerce, portals, frames, Flash, themed, and more.
  8.  Antibs.com 
    A helpful resource for Webmasters, this site offers several free enhancements for your Web pages, including a guestbook service, a poll service and a Meta tag generator.
  9.  ChatFiles Basic 
    Would you like to have your own custom chat room on your Web site? You can easily set up a chat room with ChatFiles' free, ad-supported "Basic" service. This remotely-hosted service includes such nifty features as insert smilies, optional private chat windows, sounds, and more.
  10.  WebDesignHelper.co.uk 
    Looking for a quick and easy way to build a new Web site from scratch (or give your existing site a facelift)? WebDesignHelper.co.uk offers loads of free, ready-to-use Web page templates. Here, you'll also find menu graphics, table templates, style sheets, scripts, icons and more.
  11.  GUIStuff.com 
    Do you want to give your Web site a new look? This outstanding resource offers loads of quality free GUIs (graphical user interfaces). Here, you'll also find free online tools for creating Web site elements, such as navigation bars and Flash multimedia content.
  12.  WWWToolz 
    This site offers free, remotely-hosted scripts that make it easy for you to add nifty features to your site, even if you don't have CGI-bin access on your server or know nothing about scripts. The scripts here include a counter, a jumpbox, "refer-a-friend," a mailing list, a banner rotator, a Web page poll, a form-to-E-mail feature, etc. What's more, unlike other services of this kind, the scripts here are ad-free.
  13.  Electronic-Greetings.com 
    This unique free service lets you easily set up your own custom digital greeting cards service on your Web site. This nifty feature is a great way to add extra appeal to your site and it helps you build repeat traffic. The service works on all types of servers and can be set up in only a few minutes.
  14.  CGISpy.com 
    This marvelous Webmaster's resource offers a great way for you to add interactive tools and features to your site. CGISpy.com offers free ad-supported remote CGI script hosting for all kinds of useful Web site enhancements. Features here include classified ads, counters, jump boxes, guestbooks, message boards and loads more.
  15.  FlashHeaven.net 
    This site offers a nice roundup of all things Flash-related on the Web. (Flash, an "authoring environment" from Macromedia, lets you create multimedia presentations on the Web). FlashHeaven.net offers free Flash tutorials, source codes, sounds, loops, fonts and more. (This site is available in English and German versions).
  16.  321Webmaster.com 
    A solid directory of various Webmaster-related free products and services. Categories include free domain names, news feeds, URL redirection services, graphics, tutorials, Flash, link exchanges, CGI, JavaScript, PHP, freeware, free hosting and more.
  17. Freedback.com 
    (Note: this site is temporarily unavailable). This nifty, pioneering service is perfect for Webmasters who'd like to add interactive forms to their site, but don't know a scripting language. Just follow the easy instructions here and Freedback.com will generate a custom form for your site. Several other similar form generators have emerged in the wake of Freedback.com (formerly known as FreeForm), but this service is still the best of its kind.
  18.  FreeSticky.com 
    Looking to increase the appeal and stickiness of your site? Here, a good place to go. FreeSticky.com offers a handy roundup of various free dynamic content providers that you can easily add to your site.
  19.  Tough Media 
    (Note: this site is temporarily unavailable). Ready to jazz up your Web site? This unique free service lets you build a multimedia presentation, using Flash technology. You can design your presentation here online, choosing from their template collection. Just fill in the form, preview your masterpiece and then generate your production (and it'll be E-mailed to you right away). Note: the Macromedia Flash plugin, which is needed to view these presentations, is included with the Explorer and Netscape browsers (from version 4 onward).
  20.  Bobby Web page analyzer 
    This is a free Web-based service that will help you make Web pages accessible to people with disabilities. It will also find HTML compatibility problems that prevent pages from displaying correctly on different Web browsers.