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  1. EarthStation1 WAV site 
    Looking for the opening theme to "The Andy Griffith Show"? How about a World War II broadcast from Winston Churchill? You'll find all that and more here. This site offers an impressive collection of WAV files from many genres. Categories include cinema, radio themes, TV sounds, historical sounds, World War II sounds, various sound effects, weirdness, space sounds and much more.
  2.  SoundAmerica 
    This massive sound archive is a good place to begin in your quest for free WAV sound files on the Web. There's over 24,000 sound files here and a helpful FAQ that can answer many of your sound-related questions. Categories include: cartoons, comedy, movies, TV shows, spoofs, sound effects, "War of the Worlds," as well as a good sound utilities section. (Note: some of the sounds here contain adult language and themes). (The numerous popup ads at this site make it a pain to navigate).
  3.  Movie Sounds Central 
    This fun site offers hundreds of high quality movie WAV sound files, including many memorable snippets of dialogue from the silver screen. The site is easy to navigate and is refreshingly free of popups and ad clutter.
  4.  FreeAcidLoops.net 
    Looking for free ACID music loops? This site offers a nice roundup of free WAV samples and loops, suitable for use with ACID (Sonic Foundry's music creation tool). FreeAcidLoops.net also offers other free resources for electronic and techno musicians.
  5.  My Fave Wavs 
    This well-organized site offers a fun collection of free WAV sound files. WAV categories here include cartoons, E-mail, golf, cinema, commercials, TV and more. New sound files are added here daily.
  6.  WavSource.com 
    Are you looking for free WAV files? This popular site serves up over 3,600 sound files and includes a search engine. WAV categories here include cinema, TV, sound effects, computer system events, politics, humor and more.
  7.  ReelWavs.com 
    Relive your favorite moments from the cinema at this site, which offers a fun collection of free WAV sound files from hundreds of movies. Sound files here include clips from classic films, as well as the latest Hollywood blockbusters.
  8.  Theme Music 
    At this site, you can download over 100 free theme tunes from dozens of vintage and new TV programs, from both the U.S. and the U.K. Sounds files here are available in several formats, including MP3, AU and WAV files.
  9.  Sound Explorer 
    Are you trying to locate a particular WAV file quickly? This speedy dictionary-style search engine is the place to go; it indexes over half a million WAV files. Sound Explorer will show you all of the different versions of WAV files and can quickly locate rare songs.
  10.  Wavhounds.com 
    An excellent resource for finding sound files, Wavhounds.com queries eight major search engines simultaneously. It's a handy way to find WAV files, as well as other types of sound files, including MIDIs, MP3s, etc.
  11.  A1 Free Sound Effects 
    This fun resource serves up over 700 free WAV sound effects that include everything from breaking glass to creaking doors to sirens to crackling thunder. The site also accepts requests, if there's a particular sound effect you're looking for.
  12.  Prank Calls Unlimited 
    This site offers a collection of free, prank phone calls. You'll also find a wild collection of free sound effects and other gags.
  13.  The Daily WAV 
    An impressive site that has been serving up quality WAV files every day since December, 1997. Plenty of sound files from cinema, TV and even commercials for your downloading pleasure. Past selections are archived alphabetically. A quality, well-done site that's among the most popular of its kind.
  14.  FindSounds.com 
    Looking for a specific sound effect or sound sample? FindSounds.com offers a search engine that lets you easily locate sounds on the Web. The search engine here lets you find files in several formats, including .WAV, .AIFF and .AU. From creaking doors to crackling thunder to explosions, you'll find it here. (Note: this site is family friendly, as all audio files containing obscenities are filtered).
  15.  British Comedy WAV Files 
    This site offer plenty of sound files capturing the funniest bits from various U.K. programs. Programs include "Red Dwarf," "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," "Blackadder," "The Young Ones," "Monty Python," "Carry On," "AbFab," and "Fawlty Towers" and more. So download a few files here and relive those magic moments from the BBC! (Note: this site is no longer being updated).
  16.  FoxPlay 
    Have you got a bunch of sound files scattered all over your hard drive? Then check out FoxPlay, an excellent, free music utility that'll let you easily organize all the sound files you have into a single, manageable playlist. FoxPlay uses the Windows Multimedia System to play MIDI files, and it allows you to use your favorite MOD and MP3 players to play MOD and MP3 files, respectively. FoxPlay also has built-in support for mIRC, the popular chat client. (For Windows).
  17.  The Answering Machine 
    (Note: this site is no longer free). This clever site offers a large collection of cool WAV sound files that you can use to liven up your phone's answering machine. Surprise and amuse your callers with famous personalities responding to their calls! From Humphrey Bogart to Hannibal Lecter, you'll find a message here that suits your tastes. Categories include movies, TV, comedy, weird, musicals and more. The files are also available in MP3 format