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  1. 123Redirect.com 
    This site offers a reliable, free, ad-supported URL redirection service that offers your site a short, easy-to-remember Web address, such as http://www.YourSite.doze.to.
  2.  NeatURL 
    You can give your Web site a catchy, easy-to-remember URL with this free redirection service. NeatURL offers 70 short domain names to choose from, which work as both subdomains and subdirectories. The service also offers cloaked redirection and path forwarding.
  3.  1Try.com 
    Are you tired of your Web site's lengthy, hard-to-remember URL? This free, easy-to-use URL redirection service gives your Web site a shorter, less cumbersome URL, such as http://www.1try.com/YourSite.
  4.  Flash.To 
    This solid, free URL redirection service replaces your lengthy site address with a short URL, such as http://flash.to/YourSite. A bonus to using this service is that, even if you switch hosts, your URL will remain the same. Flash.To will also submit your site to 10 search engines, for free.
  5.  n2v.net 
    Here's a free URL redirection service that offers lots of handy features and displays no advertisements. n2v.net offers hit tracking, Meta tag implementation and URL cloaking (which gives you the option of having your new subdomain URL displayed in your visitors' browser address bar).
  6.  Network Forums 
    (Note: this site is temporarily unavailable). Does your site have a lengthy, cumbersome URL? Network Forums offers a free URL redirection service that is easy to implement and is ad-free (unlike a lot of services of this type). Here, your URL will be: url.nforums.net/yourname.