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Lanka Link :: Free Streaming Audio Sounds Providers

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  1. The Shadow RealAudio Radio Theater 
    At this site, you can listen to classic episodes of the old radio drama, The Shadow. You can also download a complete 30-minute episode for free. This fascinating site, which is updated weekly, is the creation of James L. King, a collector of programs from the Golden Age of Radio. (Works with WebTV).
  2.  RipCast 
    This impressive freeware "streaming audio ripper" program offers one of the best ways we know of to build your MP3 collection quickly. RipCast lets you save streaming broadcasts as MP3 files and helps you organize your MP3s with an easy-to-use interface. Note: a broadband Net connection is recommended, but not required. (For Windows).
  3.  Launch.com 
    Would you like to try your hand at being a Net radio station DJ? At this site, you can set up your own music station, for free, as well as listen to thousands of existing stations. Launch.com also offers hundreds of MP3 downloads, including new tracks by Radiohead, Slipknot, Bjork and Mariah Carey.
  4.  Spinner.com 
    Here's a cool free music service that offers almost 400,000 full-length songs, separated in 150 channels. There are two ways to access the music: either through the "Spinner Plus" application (a 1.8 megabyte program for Windows) or via the Web, provided you have the RealAudio free streaming media browser plugin. Spinner.com offers music in the following genres "Awesome 80s," "British invasion," Chicago blues, jungle, Latin, and many more.
  5.  NetRadio 
    (Note: this site ceased operations in Nov. 2001). A good resource for originally programmed audio content, with over 150 free music channels channels. This is the place to go if you want to know what's hot in the world of Net broadcasting. The selection of content here is quite varied. Categories include Christian, classical, country, dance, electronica, children's music, modern rock, new age, pop, vintage rock and World music.