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  1. Polls4Free.com 
    This handy free service lets you easily create a custom, interactive poll for your Web site. The service is available in English and Spanish.

  2. EZpolls 
    (Note: This service is no longer free). Are you looking for feedback from your site's visitors on a particular topic? Or would you like your visitors to vote on a particular issue? EZpolls offers an easy-to-set-up custom poll generator. You don't need to know CGI scripting: all you need to do is follow the instructions to create an interactive poll that you can customize to match your site's appearance.
  3. Freedback.com 
    (Note: this site is temporarily unavailable). This nifty, pioneering service is perfect for Webmasters who'd like to add interactive forms to their site, but don't know a scripting language. Just follow the easy instructions here and Freedback.com will generate a custom form for your site. Several other similar form generators have emerged in the wake of Freedback.com (formerly known as FreeForm), but this service is still the best of its kind.
  4. Ballot-Box.net 
    What's on your visitors' minds? You can find out, using this nifty, free service. Ballot-Box.net allows you to easily add a poll or survey to your site, so that you can find out what your visitors think about your page, your products, current events, etc.
  5. Mypoll.net 
    Need a custom, interactive poll on your site? You can easily set one up with this free service. No CGI required; just fill out the forms at the site. You may also configure the appearance of your poll so it will match the look of your site. You may have up to 10 answers for your visitors to select from.