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  • AFunZone.com 
    Are you bored and looking for some fun? This site offers loads of fun, free activities, including over 700 online games. Here, you'll also find over 1,000 brain teasers, as well as puzzles, quizzes, IQ tests, trivia, contests and more.
  •  WickedGoodGames.com 
    This site offers a fun collection of free online games that you can play in any browser. Here, you'll find Flash, Java and Shockwave games, as well as downloadable titles. Games are also available here for MSN TV/WebTV users.
  •  Dot-Bingo.com 
    A must for bingo fans, this site offers free online bingo tournaments around the clock, in which you can win cash prizes. This family friendly site offers three types of bingo: traditional, blackout and pattern-style games. Here, you'll also find bingo news, a bingo directory, and more. You must be 18 or older to play.
  •  ReallyFunArcade.com 
    This site offers lots of free, entertaining online Flash games that you can play in your browser. Game categories include action, puzzles, sports, shooting games and classics. New titles are added here each Thursday.
  •  AAAFreeGames.com 
    Are you bored? This site has the cure: loads of fun, free games that you can play in your browser. The dazzling, multimedia games here can be quite addictive. Titles include action, strategy, puzzles, sports and arcade games.
  •  Arcade Outpost 
    This fun directory rounds up almost 500 free games in a variety of categories, including action, casino, classic, puzzles, racing, sports and strategy. The games here are in Java and Macromedia formats (which means you can play them in your browser, without having to download anything).
  •  Grump 
    An addictive, free online card game that is based on a solitaire layout (but also lets you compete against three other players). Grump features colorful graphics and nice sound. Note: this game requires the free Macromedia Shockwave browser plugin.
  •  Download-Online-Games.com 
    A good place to go if you're bored, this site serves up a quality collection of online games and freeware games. This site is refreshingly free of popup ads and you won't find any annoying spyware here. Software is available for Windows, Macs and Linux.
  •  The Quest for Yap 
    This free, multi-player space strategy game is a lot of fun. Here, you go head-to-head with other online players, testing your skills in various tasks such as trading, diplomacy and warfare.
  •  Insaniquarium 
    This wildly addictive free online game challenges you to grow and raise a collection of fish (and protect them from enemies). Insaniquarium combines elements of arcade fun, strategy and virtual pets. There's also a "competition mode" that lets you challenge other players. (Note: this game is optimized for Internet Explorer).
  •  Phatgames.net 
    A fun, free online gaming site that features such popular titles as multiplayer backgammon and chess, as well as over 30 single-player games. Most of the games are Java-based (which means that you can jump right in and play, without downloading anything).
  •  4EverGames.com 
    Here, you'll find a fun directory of free online games, as well as gaming news, reviews and downloads. Categories here include action, arcade, casino, sports, puzzles and multi-player games.
  •  Lycos Crossword Puzzles 
    You know you're officially a geek when you start playing crossword puzzles on your computer. Search engine giant Lycos offers a new, free crossword game (for both masters and regular folks) at this site daily. There's also a fun find the words puzzle game here, too.
  •  Domino Game 
    Here's a fun, free interactive domino game that you can play in your browser. You may either play versus the computer, or against up to four human opponents.
  •  MSN Gaming Zone 
    Looking for some real, live competition in free online gaming? If so, this site is hard to beat. Microsoft's cutting-edge gaming center is the biggest resource of its type on the Web, with over 18 million registered users. Membership is free. Games here include classics such as backgammon, bridge, checkers, chess, cribbage, go, hearts, reverse and spades.
  •  Boxerjam 
    This quality online gaming site features fun games, such as "Out of Order" and "Strike a Match," in which you can take a shot at winning weekly prizes. You play the games in real-time head-to-head with other online participants, which adds to the excitement. Note: this game cannot be played from behind a firewall.
  •  Subspace 
    This formerly commercial title is now freeware. Subspace is a classic top-down 2D game, in which you control a spaceship and battle against other online players. The premise is simple, but there are many variations on this theme offered on the gaming server, including hockey-type games, flagging games and others. (For Windows).
  •  Mplayer 
    Note: in January, 2001, Mplayer merged with major online gaming site GameSpy Arcade. This impressive site offers speedy multiplayer gaming and cool features, such as real-time voice chat. Mplayer has been extensively overhauled since the GameSpy merger, but there are still plenty of free Web-based games here that you can play via the fully-functional trialware version of their gaming client. (For Windows).
  •  Daily Online Games 
    This site offers a roundup of free online Shockwave and Java-based games. Categories include puzzle games, card games, sports games, board games and more.
  •  Free Internet Chess Server 
    The largest free chess server on the Web, this site lets you find opponents for online games 24 hours a day. You can also observe games, chat, obtain a rating and rank yourself among other players from around the world.