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Lanka Link :: Free Midi Sounds & Music List

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  1. MIDI Explorer Search Engine 
    Are you trying to locate a particular MIDI file quickly? This speedy search engine is the place to go. MIDI Explorer indexes nearly 2 million MIDI sound files on over 200,000 pages by file and link name. This dictionary-style search engine will show you all of the different versions of a MIDI and can quickly locate rare songs.
  2.  MIDIsite.co.uk 
    A helpful resource that offers over 200,000 free MIDI files. There is also a handy search engine here that lets you quickly find what you need. This site's database is updated daily.
  3.  Fresh MIDIs 
    Looking for MIDI sound files? At this regularly-updated site, you'll find hundreds of MIDIs, including titles by many popular artists. There's also a forum here where you can post requests for a specific MIDI.
  4.  MIDI Fortress 
    A good resource for free MIDI sound files, this site offers MIDIs in many categories, including anthems, Broadway, Christmas, classical, dance, Irish, jazz, Motown, movies, oldies, pop hits, TV, video games, and more.
  5.  FreeMIDI.net 
    A fine resource for free MIDI files, this site offers classic pop and rock tunes, as well as current Top 40 hits. There is also a good selection of MIDI tunes from cinema and TV here. The site includes a search engine, as well as a free newsletter.
  6.  Planet MIDI 
    A well-organized site, Planet MIDI contains hundreds of sound files in categories ranging from rock to classical to TV & film themes. There's also a new section that focuses on video game MIDIs (which is one of the largest sections of its type on the Web). Planet MIDI offers lots of information here on using, and getting the most out of, MIDI files, as well as a helpful discussion forum.
  7.  Classical Music Archives 
    This site serves up thousands of MIDI sound files by over 1,500 classical composers. Most of the content here is free (but the number of files you can freely listen to per day is limited). A paid subscription (optional) gives you more features.
  8.  Music MIDI 
    (Note: this site is occasionally inaccessible). If you're looking for the latest Top 40 pop hits in MIDI format, here's the place to go. Selections here range from rock to pop to hip hop and artists include everything from Ace of Base and Aqua to The Prodigy and Oasis.