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  1. Boards2Go.com 
    This service offers free, remotely hosted message boards for your Web site. The boards here are customizable and offer features such as a search function, a counter and bad word filtering. For now, the boards display no banner ads, (although this may change in the future).
  2.  ProBoards.com 
    This service offers a free, highly configurable message board for your Web site. You can easily customize your board to match the look of your site. Many features, including password protection, a read only option, E-mail notification for replies, etc.
  3.  Xsorbit 
    A popular free, ad-supported service that lets you easily set up your own message board "community." Xsorbit boards are remotely hosted (which means you don't need to install any scripts). These message boards are customizable and offer a nice array of helpful features.
  4.  Aimoo 
    Looking for a message board for your site? Aimoo offers free, remotely-hosted message boards that are easy to set up. The service's features include a WYSIWYG message board editor, chat room support and full customization.
  5.  HyperBoards.com 
    A solid, new free message board service that offers unlimited boards, posts and threads. The message boards here are easy to set up and may be customized. You can also get a personalized subdomain for your board.
  6.  Myforum.net 
    This free service makes it easy to set up a custom, interactive message forum on your site. The forums here support 19 languages and are easy to use and navigate.
  7.  Conforums.com 
    Here's a promising free message board service that offers a lot of features that we haven't seen elsewhere. Conforums.com's boards are easy to set up and are customizable. Here, you get your own subdomain, as well as unlimited boards, posts and threads.
  8.  Unrealboards.com 
    This free service offers customizable message boards that are ad-free. The service also offers free tech support.
  9.  iboardplus.com 
    Step right up for a free, remotely hosted message board from this nifty new service. iboardplus.com offers fully customizable message boards that feature unlimited categories and topics.
  10.  FastBoards.com 
    Need a message board for your site? Here, you can sign up for a free, customizable, remotely hosted message board. The boards here offer lots of features, including a search engine, HTML support and the display of posters' IP addresses.
  11.  BlastBoard 
    (Note: this site is temporarily unavailable). At this site, you can sign up for a free customizable message board for your Web site. BlastBoard is easy to set up and has many advanced management features.