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  • All Free ISP 
    In the aftermath of the Dot Com crash, most national free Internet access providers went bust. However, there are still many free local ISPs around in the U.S. and Canada. This site offers a searchable database of free ISPs, complete with reviews and ratings. Besides free services, the site also takes a look at discount ISPs.
  •  NetZero 
    NetZero offers you free Net access in exchange for displaying ad space in your browser. They support 56K FLEX and V90 modem standards. They provide local access numbers to most major and many medium-sized cities in the U.S. U.S. only. (For Windows). A Mac version is promised eventually.
  •  NetValve 
    Sign up here for one hour of prepaid free Internet access from NetValve, a Net service provider that offers access in over 7,000 U.S. cities. This offer is valid for first-time NetValve users who live in the 48 contiguous United States.
  •  Juno 
    One of the two major players still offering free Net access in the U.S. (along with NetZero), Juno offers service at connection speeds up to 56K. The service is advertisement-supported.
  •  Free AOL access offer 
    America Online is offering 45 free days of Internet access with its new AOL version 9.0 software. No credit card is required for this offer. Note: you must be 18 or older to request this offer. (U.S. only).
  •  Aardvaak free Net access 
    Here's a free ISP for our British visitors. Aardvaak offers speedy 0845 (local rate) dial-up Internet access, with free POP3 E-mail and 25 megs of Web space. The service supports 56K and 64/128K ISDN. What's more, Aardvaak doesn't pester you with banners or popup ads. (U.K. only). Works with both Windows and Macs.
  •  Address.com 
    This free service forgoes the usual desktop ad bars that you see with most free Net access providers in favor of occasional commercial breaks, which last around seven seconds. The ads appear as either full screen messages or as pop-up windows. Address.com is available in the continental U.S. only. (For Windows). Note: we've had a number of complaints from our visitors about connection problems with Address.com.
  •  Marketscore Internet Accelerator 
    Looking for a faster Net connection? This unique service promises to speed up your dial-up connection speed by up to 100 percent. To get the speedier connection, you must download a small instruction set to identify your machine and give your browser a Net address through which to route its traffic. Note: when you sign up, you can take a shot at winning a Mercedes SLK230 roadster convertible or cash prizes in Marketscore's sweepstakes. Contest deadline is Oct. 31, 2003.
  •  BlueLight.com 
    (Note: In July, 2001, BlueLight.com announced that it will no longer provide free Net access). This major ad-supported free Net access provider, offered by retail giant Kmart, is in a state of transition (in December 2000, the company that powered BlueLight.com ceased operations). (For Windows; a previously-offered Mac version is no longer supported).
  •  Freecall 
    (Note: this service is no longer available). An ad-supported service, Freecall offers free Net access (via an 0800 number) to individuals and businesses in Britain. Freecall supports V90, K56Flex and ISDN standards. (U.K. only).
  •  Net4Nowt.com 
    This directory offers a good roundup of free "0845" (local call rate) Net access providers in Britain, including reviews and a comparison table. (U.K. only).
  •  FreeAccess 
    (Netherlands only). This one's for our Dutch visitors. This service offers Dutch users free Net access, with speedy 56K and ISDN connections. You only need to pay for the cost of the phone call (and local call rate access is available in almost half of the Netherlands).
  •  dotNow 
    (Note: this service is no longer available). dotNow offers Net dial-up access to customers in hundreds of U.S. cities. Currently, they have over 2,400 points of presence (POPs) in all 50 states. The service is banner ad-supported and the company's dotNow bar displays ads while you're online. (Available for Windows only).
  •  Sputnik 
    (Note: this service is no longer available). Looking for free high-speed wireless access? This is available for a "limited time" in an ever-expanding area in the U.S. via Sputnik, makers of free software that turns PCs into Wi-Fi "hotspots." To participate, your PC must meet Sputnik's requirements. If you'd like to participate in helping Sputnik grow its network, you can set yourself up as a "Sputnik Affiliate" by setting up a Sputnik Gateway. Be sure to read Sputnik's terms of use.