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  1. GuestbookGiant.com 
    Need a guestbook for your site? This easy-to-use service lets you create a custom, reliable guestbook for your visitors.
  2.  WebSiteGoodies Guestbooks 
    Click on the "Tools" link near the top of the page to access WebSiteGoodies' free guestbook service. Here, you can easily set up a guestbook that offers lots of features and can be customized to match your site.
  3.  012guestbook 
    This site offers a customizable free guestbook service with many handy features, including a profanity filter and E-mail notification. It's a good way to get feedback from your visitors. It's easy to set up: all you need to do is cut and paste a snippet of coding to your site.
  4.  UltraGuest 
    (Note: this site is temporarily unavailable). A handy free ad-supported service, UltraGuest lets you easily set up a custom guestbook on your site. The service has many helpful features, including unlimited entries, smilies, stats, spam protection and more.
  5.  Free-Guestbook.com 
    (Note: this site is temporarily unavailable). Are you planning to add a guestbook to your Web site? Here's a fast-growing free guestbook service that is easy to set up. Free-Guestbook.com offers loads of helpful features, including profanity screening; stats; and automatic E-mail notification. Your guestbook is configurable and can be either public or private.
  6.  TheGuestbook.com 
    This is a free guestbook service, which is administered in Sweden (but hosted in the U.S.). Offers many features and is highly configurable. It's supported by advertising (a banner is placed at the top of each guestbook). View an example here. We've had a few complaints that this service has been down occasionally lately.
  7.  Guest Gear 
    (Formerly known as GuestWorld). A part of the Lycos empire, Guest Gear is far the largest free guestbook server, with over 2 million users. Just sign up and they'll E-mail the coding to cut & paste onto your page and you're ready to go. Guest Gear has added a number of nifty new features to their service, such as visitors' stats and a form that lets you automatically E-mail everyone who's signed your guestbook. There's also an extensive control panel that offers many features, such as message filtering, profanity checking, etc. Besides English, Guest Gear is also offered in German, Italian and Swedish.
  8.  Web Diner Guestbook Templates 
    Add some style to your site's guestbook with the cool templates offered here. Lots of neat designs. Usage requires a linkback. Their guestbooks require a mailto: form to receive responses from your visitors. Go here for information on mailto: forms.
  9.  Dreambook Guestbook 
    This free service lets you completely customize your guestbook to match your site. In normal editing mode, you can select from a variety of templates. If you switch into advanced mode, you can edit the HTML directly to make your own custom forms. You decide what fields appear in your guestbook, and how they are arranged. You can even ask your visitors questions and create complex questionaires. Visitors have reported tech problems lately, such as images appearing as broken links on guestbook entries. Tech support is difficult to get here, our visitors report.
  10.  Beseen.com 
    (Note: this service shut down in August, 2002). A good, customizable free guestbook service that is easy to set up. Note: this service is not available for porn-related sites.
  11.  eFreeGuestbooks 
    This is a good place to go if you're looking for a free guestbook for your site. eFreeGuestbooks offers remotely hosted, ad-supported guestbooks that are highly customizable. Features here include bad word filtering; IP and E-mail banning; new entry alerts and over 30 smilie faces to choose from.