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  • WebSTAT.com 
    This is a free service for analyzing traffic to your Web site. WebSTAT.com offers loads of info on your traffic that you can view with convenient, easy-to-read graphs and tables. Easy to set up: just put a snippet of code on your page and you're all set.
  •  GoStats.com 
    This outstanding, reliable free Web page tracker offers lots of useful information about your site's traffic, including referrals, traffic trends and search engine data. The tracker is easy to set up; simply fill out a form and then cut and paste a few lines of HTML onto your pages.
  •  CounterBot.com 
    Here is a reliable free Web page counter service that's easy to set up. You may have as many counters as you want, as long as the content on your site is free. You can either use a remotely hosted version of the counter or you can download the program and run it on your own server.
  •  Counting4Free.com 
    Looking for a counter for your Web site? This new site offers a reliable, free Web page counter that is ad-free (unlike many services of this kind). Counting4Free.com offers dozens of digit styles to choose from and you can sign up for as many counters as you want.
  •  MyFreeCounter.net 
    Do you need a page counter for your Web site? This free service lets you easily set up a counter on your pages and offers over 20 different counter digit styles to choose from.
  •  StatCounter.com 
    This free service offers an excellent way to keep track of your site's traffic and is easy to set up. StatCounter.com offers loads of detailed site stats and is highly configurable. The service lets you specific your counter's font, background color and digit color. An invisible counter option is also available.
  •  Free Counters 
    This site offers a free, basic graphical counter for your Web pages. This counter service is easy to set up and is password protected.
  •  RetroStats 
    This free Web page tracker service gives you loads of detailed statistics about your site's traffic, displayed in a nice graphic format. The service is easy to set up; just copy and paste a snippet of code onto your pages and you're set.
  •  SeeHits.com 
    Here's a good, free Web page counter service that offers you real-time statistics. With SeeHits, you can quickly determine how many visitors you get and exactly how they arrived at your site. You can also get info on your visitors' browsers, resolution, operating systems and more.
  •  HitBox 
    This constantly improving free Java-based Web page tracking service has recently undergone a major upgrade. HitBox now offers much more data about your visitors, including valuable referral information (when your visitors arrived, where they came from, etc.). What's more, your stats are password-protected, (unlike some free tracking services out there). It's easy to set up; simply fill out a form and then cut and paste their HTML code to your pages and you're all set.
  •  WebSite Designs 
    This site offers a number of different counter styles to choose from. Just select the design you want and fill out the short form to get one for your page.
  •  FreeStats 
    Nice free stats program that offers lots of useful data. Besides telling you how many hits your page is getting, it will tell you how many unique visitors your page gets every day/month and shows you who they were. It also tells you such useful info as how many unique visitors you got, what countries they came from and more.
  •  Extreme Tracking 
    This wonderful free service from the Netherlands has every stat you could ask for, intelligently broken down by category. This JavaScript-enhanced tracker offers you loads of information. You get totals by Web site, search engine, E-mail, Usenet, etc. and even can find out what keywords your visitors used to locate you. See a sample of their stats here. On top of everything else, Extreme Tracking is one of the fastest-loading trackers around (although the service's stats page can be slow to access at times). The only drawback to Extreme Tracking's free service is that your stats may be accessed by anyone.
  •  TheCounter.com 
    (Note: this service is no longer free, as of Aug. 1, 2003). This service offers a basic visible counter for your site that tracks the number of your visitors (both unique and total).
  •  FastCounter 
    This easy-to-implement free counter service offers you stats via E-mail. Several counter styles are available. No porn or inappropriate sites allowed. Visitors have reported lately that they've not been receiving their stats by E-mail.