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  1. CGISpy.com 
    This marvelous Webmaster's resource offers a great way for you to add interactive tools and features to your site. CGISpy.com offers free ad-supported remote CGI script hosting for all kinds of useful Web site enhancements. Features here include classified ads, counters, jump boxes, guestbooks, message boards and loads more.
  2.  HostedScripts.com 
    Have you ever wanted to implement a CGI script on your site, but you don't have CGI access on your server? This site provides the solution: they offer loads of free CGI scripts and they'll host them for you, for free. Scripts here include a message board, a free-for-all page, a mailing list, random link, a form mailer, a jump box, a chat board and more.
  3.  WWWToolz 
    This site offers free, remotely-hosted scripts that make it easy for you to add nifty features to your site, even if you don't have CGI-bin access on your server or know nothing about scripts. The scripts here include a counter, a jumpbox, "refer-a-friend," a mailing list, a banner rotator, a Web page poll, a form-to-E-mail feature, etc. What's more, unlike other services of this kind, the scripts here are ad-free.
  4.  PerlAccess.com 
    Are you aiming to learn Perl? At this site, you'll find tutorials and free perl downloads. You can start learning how to program CGI scripts from scratch, or pick up on an advanced lesson.
  5.  Zach's Archive 
    This helpful free Webmaster's resource hosts a number of CGI and Perl scripts for free, including scripts that run guestbooks, form mailers, self-grading quizzes and polls. You may use these scripts for free and have the option of downloading them or letting Zach host them for you.
  6.  Freedback.com 
    (Note: this site is temporarily unavailable). This nifty, pioneering service is perfect for Webmasters who'd like to add interactive forms to their site, but don't know a scripting language. Just follow the easy instructions here and Freedback.com will generate a custom form for your site. Several other similar form generators have emerged in the wake of Freedback.com (formerly known as FreeForm), but this service is still the best of its kind.
  7.  Free Search Engine Code 
    (This site is occasionally inaccessible). Here, you'll find a nifty free search engine that lets your visitors query dozens of search engines from one form. Easy to set up: just cut and paste the Javascript code available here onto your page.