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  •  GameSloth.com 
    This is a fun site that offers loads of free Flash and Java games that you can play in your browser. Game categories here include action, arcade, casino, puzzles, role-playing, sports, and more.
  •  DOS Games Archive 
    Got a few hours to kill? This entertaining site serves up a nice roundup of over 200 classic computer games from the 1980s and 90s. The games here include freeware, shareware, demos and public domain titles.
  •  1-On-1 Basketball 
    A must for hoops fans, 1-On-1 Basketball is a free online game/simulation that lets you compete against players from around the world. 1-On-1 Basketball has attracted quite a following and it's easy to see why: it's a unique and challenging game that lets you become the manager of a basketball player, who you try to maneuver to the top of the rankings by controlling their attributes and strategy. (WebTV users can join in the fun here, too).
  •  FreeGames.WS 
    This site offers a fun collection of free games in Java and Flash format. Categories include board games, puzzles, action, arcade, etc. The site features a roundup of classic games, including Pac-Man, Mahjong, Worms, Space Invaders and more.
  •  Noodan 
    Looking for fun? This regularly updated site offers over 400 freeware games for Windows, as well as Java/Flash games that you can play in your browser. Game categories here include action, arcade, cards, kids' games, Pac-Man, puzzles, RPGs, sports and more.
  •  Dragonoid 
    Remember the classic game Breakout? A new freeware game, Dragonoid, updates this fun arcade title with nifty graphics and addictive gameplay. (For Windows).
  •  Free Java Games 
    Here's a fun collection of free Java-powered games that you can play in your browser. Categories include action, sports, strategy and more. The site includes many addictive classic arcade titles, including Frogger, Blackjack, Minesweeper, etc.
  •  CheatBook-DataBase 
    Do you need some help in tackling tough computer games? This freeware cheat codetracker offers a roundup of hints and cheats for over 5,500 PC games. The program is easy to use. (For Windows).
  •  FantasieGames.de 
    This site serves up a fun collection of original games that you can either download or play online. Categories include action, adventure, arcade, logic, strategy, multi-player, puzzles, slot machines and more. The site is available in English and German.
  •  InsanePlay.com 
    At this site, you'll find a fun collection of free original games that you can either play online or download. Games here include "Super Groovy," an addictive puzzle game with a retro 60s theme. (For Windows).
  •  Arcade Nut 
    This family friendly site offers a nice selection of Flash format games for all ages. Game categories include sports, action, oldies, arcade and puzzles.
  •  Free-Games.To 
    A solid directory that offers reviews, ratings and descriptions of the Web's top freeware games. Categories here include card games, arcade, action, strategy, board games, adventure and simulation titles. Games here include downloadable Windows titles, as well as Java and Shockwave games.