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  1. Click4Click 
    This popular free banner exchange program helps you increase traffic to your site. Click4Click offers a 2:1 ratio and supports all major banner and button sizes. The service offers live banner stats, updated in real time. Currently, you get 100 free credits when you sign up.
  2.  CyberGate Banner Exchange 
    Here's a growing family-friendly free banner exchange with a impression ratio of 3:2 and instant, real-time stats. Currently, they offer you 150 free credits when you join.
  3.  Banner Code Wizard 
    Are you having problems with the code for your banner? This free online tool tests your banner code (and sends you the results via E-mail).
  4.  ABC Banners 
    Do you need a custom banner? This free service lets you easily generate a banner with your message. There are over 20 pages of templates to select from.
  5.  WebSiteGoodies Ad Rotator 
    Click on the "Tools" link near the top of the page to access WebSiteGoodies' ad rotator service. This free service lets you rotate an unlimited number of banners of any size on your site. You can also track the number of impressions and clicks for each banner.
  6.  Websponsors.com 
    If you want to earn revenue with your Web site, this is the place to go. WebSponsors.com is by far the most reliable, competent and trustworthy Web site revenue program on the Web. Since launching in April 1998, WebSponsors.com has emerged as the top results-based Web ad network. TheFreeSite.com has been a member of WebSponsors.com since June, 1998 and we've found them to be by far the best service of their kind. (Highly recommended).
  7.  buttonXchange.com 
    (Note: this site is temporarily unavailable). A free link exchange service, buttonXchange.com makes use of 88-by-31 pixel buttons, rather than full-sized banners. Simply sign up and submit your button and it'll be displayed randomly on other participants' pages. buttonXchange.com offers real-time statistics, so you can see how your button is performing. They offer a selection of blank buttons that you may use (you'll need to add your own text, which you can easily do in any graphics program). (No adult sites allowed).
  8.  Click2Lead 
    Looking for an affiliate program for your Web site? Click2Lead offers a good roundup of programs that generate revenue, either on a pay-per-click or on a pay-for-lead basis. Lots of categories are listed here, including automotive, books, business, clothing, family, food, games, shopping and more.
  9.  Link-Me Banner/Reciprocal Links Exchange 
    One of the best ways to promote your site is through reciprocal links. This resource is a good place to start. This site also lists over 500 free-for-alls, which are basically bulletin boards that you can add your site to (and believe it or not, they do pull in traffic).
  10.  The Banner Generator 
    If you subscribe to a banner service, you'll need to make up a banner, which this site provides for free. Check out these examples. This service works with WebTV.
  11.  WebSite Designs Banner Exchange 
    Here's a new banner exchange that offers a generous 3:2 ratio (meaning that for every three banners shown on your site, your own banner is shown twice on other members sites). Banner sizes here must by 400 by 60 pixels and no larger than 12 kilobytes. They offer 500 free banner impressions (credits) for all members after thirty days.
  12.  The Net One 
    If you're looking to build traffic on your site, this handy directory is an excellent place to get listed. One advantage to this directory is that once you submit your site here, it'll appear instantly. They also offer a free HTML mail newsletter that features lots of useful Web site promotion tips, tools and articles.
  13.  ClickTrade 
    (Note: this service shut down in July 2001). Popular, first-of-its-kind service that allows you to set up your own affiliate program and reward your affiliates on a pay-per-lead or sale basis. You can browse through their large directory to find sites that'll pay you to link them.