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true love in my home country (Read 1740 times)
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true love in my home country
May 18th, 2006, 12:42pm
last year when i visited srilanka i 'bumped' into a nice young man.....we hardly knew each other yet when i first saw him there was this connection between us... and im sure he felt something toward me, because i could tell by the way he looked at me.
i do not know his name, or anythng about him
and he doesnt know ME
but he made me feel so special and gave me confidence in myself, since at that time i was very frustrated and angry about a problem i had with a boy back at home.
he restored my confidence and i never got to say 'thankyou', and did not get to say goodbye. i was very scared, but he showed me how true love could be.
i constantly think about him, but can find no way to reach him, since he works and probably lives somewhere in polonnaruwa.
i would be VERY grateful if anyone knows or has any connections with anyone living there, if u could pls let me know.
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